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Teeth Whitening in St. Catharines

The natural colour of your teeth can be affected by your diet or dental care habits. Your teeth also gradually change colour as you age. Professional teeth whitening restores your teeth to a youthful, whiter colour so you can smile with confidence!

We provide at-home and in-office whitening treatments by Philips Zoom. Whitening is a simple, safe, and easy process to quickly improve your smile.

The at-home whitening kit consists of a set of customized trays and a whitening gel that you apply to your teeth daily for approximately two weeks. You can control the level of whitening by varying the treatment time.

In-office whitening uses a light-activated gel and special UV lamp to whiten your teeth in approximately 30-90 minutes. It lets you achieve the level of whitening you want in a single appointment.

Call our office today to learn more about our teeth whitening services or to book an appointment.

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